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Hello~ I'm Bunny, I'm an illustrator residing in California. This is my personal blog to post and share things I love.
I post a lot of Phantom of the Opera, Gothic Lolita fashion, sexy men, stupid things, and cute things. If you want to get to know me better, you can read my about me~
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Let’s get some fresh eyes on our Electric Loss Music Video! Contribute animation, graphic design, illustration & more!


ANIMATORS: Using MukeiRoyalty’s key art PSD files, find creative ways of combining the green screen dancers into the video. Animate various graphical treatments of the green screen dancers.

GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: Remix resources that helps combine the animated and live action worlds. Design graphical treatments to incorporate green screen dancers in the animated world.

VIDEO EDITORS: Create test edits that successfully combines the green screen dancers with the animation. Discover a narrative and stylistic thru line that combines all the material into one video.

CURATORS: Find resources outside of the collaboration that helps bring these worlds together.

ILLUSTRATORS: Illustrate storyboards that lend direction to the video.

WRITERS: Write a treatment that lends direction to the overall piece.


Contribute to the “ELECTRIC LOSS” collab HERE!

Yeah! Michelle’s art!!

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