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My Little Pony: Biology Is Magic

She’s probably going to be disappointed when it turns out to be human.

and satyr fetishists everywhere rejoiced

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As requested: real-life “Phantom of the Opera” couples (past and present)

Ron Bohmer and Sandra Joseph (Phantom + Christine) 
They fell in love in Michigan in 1997, when Ron Bohmer was principal Phantom and Sandra Joseph principal Christine, and married some years later. 

Hugh Panaro and Tracy Shayne (Phantom/Raoul + Christine) 
Though I think they never performed in Phantom together - Hugh Panaro left as Raoul in 1993 just before Tracy Shayne joined as Christine - they should still be on this list. They did perform together in Les Mis, and was married for six years

Gary Mauer and Elizabeth Southard (Phantom/Raoul + Christine)
Probably the most legendary Phantom/Christine couple of recent years, because they were the leads in the US tour, and had an amazing chemistry together on stage. They’ve been married for some 19 years, and still performs together in concert. 

Kevin Gray and Dodie Pettit (Phantom/Raoul + Christine/Meg)
One of the most legendary Phantom couples in early Phantom history. Dodie Pettit was in the original Broadway cast as corps de ballet and u/s Meg Giry. She was later cast as Christine in the US tour. Kevin Gray played both the Phantom and Raoul, and I believe it was on Broadway he fell in love with Dodie. They got to star as principal Phantom and Christine together on tour, and is rumoured to have had great chemistry together. When Kevin Gray left the tour, so did Dodie Pettit. She said she could not imagine playing opposite another Phantom. They were married until Gray’s all to early death earlier this year. 

Paul Schaefer and Paloma Garcia Lee (us Phantom/Raoul + Meg) 
I believe they met in the Broadway production in 2011 (correct me if I’m wrong) and became a couple in 2012. Paloma was at the time in the corps de ballet and understudying Meg, but left not too long after to star in another show. Schaefer is still in Phantom

Roy and Emma Marie Weissensteiner (u/s Phantom/Raoul + u/s Meg)
Roy Weissensteiner has understudied Raoul and the Phantom both in Germany and in the World Tour/Australia. In Germany he met Emma Marie Casey, corps de ballet and u/s Meg, and they soon enough became a couple. They married in 2008, and are still married. 

Matthew Cammelle and Heidi Ann O’Brien (Raoul/Phantom + Meg) 
I just know they’re a couple. I have no idea when they first met or when they fell in love, though I would assume it happened in West End in the early 2000s. They also both performed in the RAH concert. 

John Cudia and Kathy Voytko (Phantom/Raoul and Christine)
They played opposite eachother in the US tour in 2000, where Voytko was alternate Christine and Cudia was Raoul. They had met and fell in love some months earlier, when they were understudying the roles. They married in 2003, and are still married. I didn’t have room for a photo of them here, sorry about that. 

Tim Martin Gleason and Sierra Boggess (Raoul + Christine) 
They had a brief romance when starring together in the Las Vegas production of Phantom. I don’t know too much else. 

Brennan Holder and Amy Hudson Holder (Raoul + Christine)
Fell madly in love during the rehearsals prior to the first South African production in 2004, where Brennan was principal Raoul and Amy was alternate Christine. Tried to keep it a secret but had such a great chemistry they fooled no-one… Married not too long after, and also followed the World Tour to a couple of the Asian stops after South Africa (both as understudies). Are still married. 

Rick Hilsabeck and Kitty Skillman Hilsabeck (Phantom + Meg)
They married in 1987, before Phantom, as they were both dancers and met through work. But faith would it that Rick Hilsabeck was cast as the Phantom in the tour, and Kitty S. H. as the corps de ballet. Some time later she auditioned for Meg and landed the part. They’re still married, I believe? 






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